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Home Assurance Policy


The quality of the jobs executed by our company cannot be compromised. Our task is to meet client’s satisfaction and continuously improve the  quality of our products. Our major focus of Quality Assurance policy at Brainfield includes:

  • Doing it right the first time.
  • Meets set standard globally.
  • Act responsibly.
  • Work in dissemination of information and collective responsibility.
  • Joint decision making which ultimately improves satisfaction.
  • Continuous evaluation of quality system packages.
  • Providing resources for execution and verification.

Brainfield places a very high premium on quality and safety as a primary requirement for the achievement of efficient and sustainable provision of service delivery for our customers and the nation at large.

Therefore our assurance of quality cum safety extends to a policy of managing our operations to standards that outstrip material gains and contractual obligations. This takes into account, methods, procedures,
operating environment, hygienic conditions, and inputs required to achieve the defined quality / safety objectives: formulate, monitor and evaluate techniques to guide the implementation of all activities to achieve the set objectives.


Brainfield Consult Limited has the basic obligation of complying with all safety, health and environment laws and regulations and we are totally dedicated to exceptional quality service and management.

Our specific goal under the CASHES POLICY is to assist customers/clients in their effort to minimize both quantity and severity of liquid and solid waste and to provide treatment options with which an operator can successfully reduce cost and liability associated with waste management.

Our activities are therefore planned, organized and executed to protect and promote the health of its operators. We conduct our activities with minimum impacts on any of the third party or host community.

We equally ensure the security of company’s staff and materials inclusive of third party; avoid injuries to workers, subcontractors, and the third party in our area.

Brainfield Consult Limited considers the safety and health of its personnel and protection of the environment of paramount importance. The company operates efficiently and safely in a way that minimizes risks and hazards to its personnel and equipment and impacts positively on the environment.

All members of staff are responsible for protecting the environment, health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, clients and the community. Our commitment to safety, health and environment performance is an integral part of our business. All safety, health and environment control systems are implemented, monitored and enforced by senior personnel.


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