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The quality of the jobs executed by our company cannot be compromised. Our task is to meet client’s satisfaction and continuously improve the
quality of our products. Our major focus of Quality Assurance policy at
Brainfield includes:

01. Planning & Strategy

Doing it right the first time. Meets set standard globally. Act responsibly. Providing resources for execution and verification.

02. Client’s Satisfaction

Work in dissemination of information and collective
responsibility. Joint decision making which ultimately improves satisfaction.

Our Bonny Light Crude Oil

We Take Pride In Quality Bonny Light Crude Oil With High Api Gravity (Low Specific Gravity), Produce And Ship Overseas To Our Counterparty Refineries & Chemical Plants That Process Crude Oil and Other Oil-Based Feedstock In Order To Supply Motor & Jet Fuels, Lubricants & Chemical Products To All Our Oil and Gas Clients All Around The Globe.

Some Reasons to Work

We Believe in Best Quality

When you're out of quality, you're out of business. We provide high value products and services, which
ensures customer satisfaction

We Believe in Integrity

We operate in a consistent, open, honest and ethical
manner. Integrity lies in, doing what one speaks; speaking what one does.

We Believe in Excellence

We are committed to the highest quality and value
possible through innovations and relevant solutions.

We Believe in Appropriate Pricing

We deliver premium value for less pay.

You Don't Have To Figure It Out Alone!

Brainfield Consult Limited is a duly registered an incorporated company under the Nigerian Company and Allied Matters Decree Act 1990 with registration number RC676934.

Why Choose Us ?

We deliver Top-Grade Bonny Light Crude Oil and Refined Petroleum products such as AGO, PMS, Jet A1, LPFO, etc., that millions of people rely on every day to power their lives and fuel industry. We are not only focused on what we do, but how we do it — guided by core values of safety, responsibility, collaboration and integrity. We are committed to sustaining, developing and operating power generation and energy storage facilities across the globe.

Experience World Class Market Presence from the Export Point to the Trading Floor.

We shall continue to bring our technical know-how and experience to bear on every project with speed and accuracy ranging from Oil and Gas, Real Estate and Facility Management and Events Management Services. Our mission is achievable by our continuous investment in manpower, expertise and experience.

We provide and maintain a high quality and cost effective services in a
professional and ethical manner.


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