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    • End to End Events Concept, Planning, Co-ordination, Management and Delivery.
    • Events Branding, Activation, Consulting and Training.
    • Exhibitions, Conferences, Fairs, Entertainment Shows and Tourism
    • Provision and Management of Events and Recreational facilities, Cinemas and Amusement Parks

    “What is Event Planning? We polled our industry experts to get their perspectives and opinions. Here are four of the most interesting and candid responses we got:

    Proper event management planning is vital for any successful event. The EMP is the document that establishes how all the distinct moving aspects and disparate elements of your event will work and result in your event being safe and enjoyable. … If we’re planning it and managing it we take quality control from A-Z while you sit and enjoy your event.


    In the event planning profession, the job titles are as diverse and numerous as the services offered, and it can often be difficult to describe and differentiate one from the next.

    It can be challenging when preparing an event planning portfolio, looking for work, or in working with a client who does not have the correct understanding of your job function and responsibilities.

    Event management involves identifying the target audience, formulating the event concept, planning the overall logistics of the event and conducting project management of the event as a whole. This might include managing the teams of people responsible for each function, the budget, and overseeing the execution of the event. Event managers also supervise the services of all outside vendors and professionals, which includes event planners. Some specific responsibilities of an event manager might include:

    • Selecting and reserving venues
    • Coordinating outside vendors
    • Engaging speakers or entertainment
    • Arranging for transportation and parking
    • Obtaining necessary permits and appropriate insurance

    • Compliance with health and safety standards
    • Developing emergency contingency plans
    • Crisis and situation management at the event
    • Designing a security plan
    • Monitoring of the event

    The Industry Analysis

    Event planning is the process of managing a project such as a meeting, convention, tradeshow,  ceremony, team building activity, party, or convention. Event planning includes budgeting, establishing timelines, selecting and reserving the event sites, acquiring permits, planning food, coordinating transportation, developing a theme, arranging for activities, selecting speakers and keynotes, arranging for equipment and facilities, managing risk, and developing contingency plans.

    The Official Perspective

    Event Planning consists of coordinating every detail of meetings and conventions, from the speakers and meeting location to arranging for printed materials and audio-visual equipment. Event planning begins with determining the objective that the sponsoring organization wants to achieve. Planners choose speakers, entertainment, and content, and arrange the program to present the organization’s information in the most effective way. Meeting planners are responsible for selecting meeting sites, prospective attendees and how to get them to the meeting.

    An Optimist’s View

    Event planning is the energizing art of choreographing people and activities in order to create a show that creates memories of a lifetime. Designing and producing an event, whether it‘s a meeting, corporate event, fund-raiser, tradeshow or any other event, is in many ways comparable to directing a live stage performance. An added bonus, for those who love to travel, it provides an amazing opportunity  to travel to luxurious hotels, interesting new places and meet speakers and attendees from around the world. All of this, while enjoying a high level of autonomy and independence!

    A Pessimist’s Opinion

    Event Planning is the stressful work of planning meetings or events, and can be a very demanding career choice. Planners must multi-task on several things at one time, face numerous deadlines, and orchestrate the activities of many diverse groups of people. Meeting planners may need to travel extensively to attend meetings and to visit prospective meeting sites. Work hours can be long and irregular, and working more than 40 hours per week is fairly common, especially during the time leading up to an event and wrapping up after the event. Finally, be prepared for some physical activity – long hours of standing and walking, carrying of boxes of materials, and is just the beginning! Which one of these opinions do you agree with? The choice is yours.


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